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Whether you need embroidered logos or clothing for work, sports teams, social events of one-off individual garments, come to Frizbee for expert advice, fast turnaround and attention to detail.

Using our expertise, experience and cutting-edge equipment we can embroider on just about anything you want to wear, from simple polo shirts and t-shirts to corporate uniforms, jumpers, fleeces and trousers.

We are experienced in the niche area of embroidering school wear and sports kit.

Our pricing is clear and our set-up fees are up-front, ranging from just £5 for a simple design to a maximum of £20 for any design (regardless of colours). We can help you with your logo design, or simply get on with the work if you already know what you want.

The job will be done quickly by our in-house experts to meet our famous exacting standards. We never contract work out embroidery work and it will be done in either our Folkestone or Ashford Workshops where we have the capability of many 100’s of garments per day using up to 10 of our Industrial Embroidery machines to get the job done quickly.